By NiKlein (Own work)

The thing I love most about freelance writing is helping people tell their stories. The stories behind their life’s work can be – if I write them well – interesting, instructive, and inspirational those who hear them.

Thanks to BMM Communications, I was able to bring you soccer stories on their website 10Soccer. Thanks to Julie Gribble, I was able to share an inside look at Julie’s music and acting career.

But there are many other stories that should be shared – and that’s where Sitting Down With comes in. SDW will give me a chance to talk with a wider range of people and provide a way to share their stories with you.

I suspect SDW will have a bunch of stories from the music world simply because I love music, and am fascinated (and insanely jealous) of anyone who can make music.

In that light, I’m honored that Suzy Bogguss will be my first guest on SDW. I’m confident she will not be the only musician we hear from.

Sports outside of soccer will be another source of content for SDW. Our fascination with sports goes beyond the entertainment value of a well-played game. Underdog victories, stirring comebacks, individual achievement, and championships can inspire us to achieve more ourselves.

I also hope to talk with people in politics. Let me be clear here – I hate politics. I know many of you do too. But perhaps a one-on-one conversation with a politician can help us understand why we should care more than many of us do.

Those are just a few of my ideas at the beginning of this journey. I’m not sure if there even is a destination – but I’m quite sure the trip will be interesting. I hope you will think so too.

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